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The Resilience of Being

Way, way back in the depths of time - well in September of last year anyway - I decided that I'd give writing a go. As luck would have it a young publisher, by the name of Emma Willingham, was gathering work from writers that had bodies and thoughts about them.

At that time I was starting a journey of weight loss and had just written an article on my reasons for that journey.

After a back and forth, a few edits and additions, Emma was pleased to tell me that she would be happy to use my piece in her upcoming book.

Emma's book, The Resilience of Being, is now available to purchase on Amazon. If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription you can read it for free on your chosen device, if not it is also available in paperback.

You can buy it HERE.

Aside from my article there are pieces by nineteen other writers and all are worth reading.

So, if you have a body and you have thoughts about it, if you wonder whether you are alone in those thoughts or, if you wonder what other people think about their bodies, then this is the book for you.

Why not give it a read?

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