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On Sale!

I had this little day dream, it was about a girl and her friends who fought bad people and changed the world. I know there are many stories like that but this one was different. I'd never seen or read this one before.

I kept telling myself the story in moments of rest, though small bits of it changed from time to time. Then one day I sat down and started typing, working on a bluetooth keyboard and my iPad Pro and using Scrivener. I tapped away at the keys for ages and ended up with 52,000 words. It wasn't a book, it wasn't even a cohesive story, but it was some of my thoughts, some of that tale I'd been daydreaming about.

That was one year ago. It's changed a lot since then and has doubled in length. This week, yesterday in fact, my book was delivered to peoples kindles around the world. People are reading my story and it feels odd.

To anyone that bought my book, or borrowed it on KU, thank you. Thank you so much. I really, genuinely, hope that you enjoy it.

I do have another 50,000 words in a new scrivener doc a sequel to The Elemental Stone, another tale that I have tapped out during Nanowrimo. When 2021 starts I will start turning that into a new book.

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