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Image by Yasin Hasan
Image by Meritt Thomas
Image by Inga Gezalian


November, 2019

The alarm goes off and you press snooze, hoping for nine more minutes before you face the world. 

A piece of flash fiction written to invoke memories of those mornings when you just don't want to. 

Faerie Tale

December, 2019

Grandma Bibbidy had wand problems and her goddaughter could not wait for her wish... What is a fairy to do?

Initially written for inclusion in the Newcastle Writers Magazine, Madelaine is pleased to be able to now share this short piece here. 

The Magic Mirror

December, 2019

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

This is one magic mirror that you don't want to talk back.

Written to a prompt in a local writing group, this short piece hopes to make you smirk. 

The Hourglass

The grains of sand fall and time runs down. 

But what will happen when they run out? When time runs out? 

Destruction. Death. Toast...

Image by Hans-Jurgen Mager

George & Milton

Milton is a podcast listener, he’s enthusiastic and curious, he’s a friendly type and he lives in a small community on an ice flow.

...Oh and he’s a polar bear.


George, also a polar bear, is his, long suffering, neighbour. 

Read George & Milton's first story, 'Titanic' here.

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