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The kingdom of Mortara is one that has long existed in the mind of Madelaine Taylor. It is a land filled with human and fae. A land long divided now ruled over by a queen determined to unite it. 

In 2019 Madelaine started to write the story of Lana Ni Hayal, a farm girl in Mortara that would find herself at the very heart of the countries future. 


The Elemental Stone

Lana dreamt of visiting Southport, Mortara’s capital city, as a girl. Walking it’s fine, gold inlaid, streets, meeting Queen Rhiannon, and socialising with Lords. 

She never dreamt that she would be fleeing there, leaving her own family in the hands of an abusive lord that wanted her dead. 

She never dreamt that she would be pleading with the Queen for her life and the freedom of her family. 

But then she never dreamt that she would befriend a dryad princess, a tuath warrior, a huntress, a thief, or a lore keeper. 

She never dreamt that her path to the queen would see her spoiling the plans of a foreign dignitary and rescuing a princess. 

Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would be the recipient of the elemental gods’ last gift to their children. 

Book One in a series of Mortaran Novels: ‘The Elemental Stone’ follows Lana Ni Hayal as she discovers the good and bad of her country and the power that she now holds. 


Cat and Mouse pt.1

Tin Heads: 

Terrin is a Southport city guard. Charged, to his dismay, with patrolling the lawless streets of the outer districts. Dirty and dangerous, the cobbled market square challenges him in ways he firmly objects too. Or would, if he were brave enough. One fateful day Terrin meets his match, his nemesis, destined to haunt him throughout his career. This is the story of a guard and a thief. A story of law and of justice. The story of a Cat and a mouse.   

Cat and Mouse pt.2

The Sorcerer:

It's Caitlin's birthday and she's been given a day to herself. She might have been bored but there's a sorcerer in town and he's putting on a show! 



3D Geometric Shapes

Hilary Taylor

If you enjoy a fantasy story this could be for you. An easy, enjoyable read. I immersed myself in this world and didn't want it to end! First book by this author, can't wait for more!

Pink & Black Circles

Michael Ferry

I highly recommend this novel to those that have a love for fantasy stories, and newcomers to the genre will fall in love with this book. It gets you hooked early on and it is truly an easy read.


Laura Pattinson

Thank you again so much Maddie you have actually made me purchase a few more fantasy novels that I never would have looked twice at because you've opened the fantasy shutter in my brain

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